Saturday, January 7, 2012

The sciatic nerve

Many people, at least once in life, suffering from pains in the sciatic nerve. This pain can reach any point of the nerve runs from the buttocks to the feet, usually lasts a week or two, and may return later. Treatment for pain sciatic nerve is most commonly used to stimulate the patient to keep it active, doing excercícios for example.

sciatic nerve

Symptoms of sciatica pain are most common; sharp pains that go down by one or two legs and get worse as you move, muscle weakness in the affected region or tingling in the affected leg. The causes of these pains are related to sudden efforts in the column, change in posture due to the pregnancy and abnormalities in the sciatic nerve itself.

To that end or reduce these pains is desirable to apply an ice bag wrapped around his lower back, 50 to 10 minutes each hour. Taking painkillers and putting a hot water bottle on the affected area is also advisable. Keep yourself active, practicing excercícios for the lower back is also a good tip, even as prevention. Following the tips mentioned above you will decrease or even annihilate the sciatica.
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