Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Tooth Implant

If for some year starts only after Carnival, for many began only in March. Brazilian culture is a difficult change. Actually we are starting the year in earnest this week. Hopefully everyone is with the batteries recharged, with a lot of energy to make this one of the best years of their lives.
But for us to start the year well, patients are the most important to place implants or make your dentures. If for general practice the situation is difficult for implants (if writing in the plural), is harder still (that singular). And something needs to be done to change and not wait for better days, not arriving.
If patients do not come by spontaneous generation, the old theory of Charles Darwin, we need to generate them by artificial insemination, or how stem cells are more fashionable, using concepts of marketing Philip Kotler.

For they do not perceive a need, we have to be subtle. And modern. To much is given an information system implantol├│gicas associated with your database. Fast and cheap, almost free of charge. See how easy it is.

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