Thursday, December 13, 2012

Surgery for Gallbladder

We receive many questions about when the post surgery can return to have sex .... Friend, when you realize, sex will not affect the surgery, but it is clear that after the person becomes weak, in pain, so .. it's good to give a team a while.

But know that the stones arise when there is an imbalance between the amount of water and substances in bile, promoting solidification thereof. Can occur due to lack of water or excess of some components, particularly cholesterol and pigment.

The main risk factors are:

* Age: uncommon in young people, the risk of developing cholelithiasis (gall calculation) is 4x higher after 40 years.
* Sex: A gall stone is 3x more common in women than in men. From 60 years this difference falls drastically, also by falling estrogen levels.
* Pregnancy: by excess estrogen during pregnancy
* Hormone replacement: also by estrogen
* Obesity is a major factor in young people, especially girls
* Family history: 1st degree relatives with a history of gallstones increases at 2x the risk.
* Rapid weight loss: major weight loss in a short time or very low calorie diets are also risk factors
* Diabetes
* Cirrhosis (read: Liver Cirrhosis - Causes and Symptoms)
* Prolonged Fasting: the longer the duration of bile in the gallbladder, it becomes more dehydrated and the greater the risk of stone formation

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